Our Story

14 years ago, when Robert Workman​ sold his first company (ProvoCraft-Cricut) ​he was able to acquire what is now known as TIFIE Preserve. TIFIE would become the base station for his vision of: Teaching Individuals and Families Independence through Enterprise, and ultimately become the birthplace of Goal Zero and Barebones – product companies to help support this initiative as well as many other global humanitarian ventures. 

Workman’s philosophy is similar to the idea of not giving a hungry person a fish, but instead teaching them to build a pole and learn to fish. As stewards of TIFIE Preserve, the Workman family has used this unique land as an opportunity to test and experiment better ways to live a more self sustainable life. We believe that if we care for the space we are responsible for, it will continue to take care of us. We invite you to both learn from and partake in our journey, hoping that you can apply your new wisdom to your own unique spaces.